2004-04-29: Mark Splinter came to Lithuania, invited by Def One of the Fresh Rice Crew.


2005-05-01: Real Sound Lovers' Society founded to improve sound quality in parties.
2005-07-17: First Real Jumpup party in Balti Drambliai with STS Sound and Cutterz Choice.


2006-04-??: Mark Splinter wants to make a bassline speed garage party in Vilnius. DJ Spoona of Cutterz Choice tells him that dubstep is the future, not speed garage.
2006-05-01: Mark downloads the 2006-04-28 show from FBI radio garagepressure.com, the first dubstep mix he really likes.
2006-12-??: Eleven Tigers produces the first Lithuanian dubstep tune, "Storyteller", a remix of "Shining Bright Star" for Blackstrobe.


2007-03-28: Jeff Metal dubstep tunes played on Start FM by Mark Splinter.
2007-04-27: Mark Splinter and 2hora go to FWD at Plastic People in London, their first dubstep party. The sound system and atmosphere are so amazing that they decide work together to promote dubstep in Lithuania.
2007-05-16: Jeff Metal dubstep mix played on Start FM.
2007-05-25: Jeff Metal, first UK dubstep DJ in Lithuania, plays a dubstep set in Gravity, invited by Mark. About 5 people danced, including Lukas and Simao. Everybody else went home. The sad story is, we had a very very cheap offer from Benga but Gravity said no.
2007-06-20: Mark decides to buy dubstep.lt anyway, karoche why not.
2007-06-30: Ske and Mark Splinter play some dubstep in Cafe de Paris as part of their "Fucked Up Lounge" project. The sub bass was not working, the sound was shit, Mark got totally drunk and shouted at a policeman.
2007-09-15: Nightjar plays at Bloodclut Tekkkno 3 in Intro, invited by Intakz. Mark and Quazar are amazed and agree that dubstep is going to be big in Lithuania.
2007-10-01: Mark books Balti Drambliai for BASSIK, the launch party of dubstep.lt.
2007-10-11: Genys from Dublicate and Simao play dubstep in Fishday, more than 5 people dance, everybody is talking about dubstep.
2007-10-15: Dubstep.lt is launched and collects over 100 myspace friends in the first 3 days without really trying.
2007-11-01: Nightjar records the first official dubstep.lt mix in Green Carpet Studios.
2007-11-06: Mary Anne Hobbs plays Eleven Tigers tune "Prosthesis" on Radio 1.
2007-12-08: BASSIK! Launch party for dubstep.lt in Balti Drambliai with DJ Odin, invited by 2hora.
Eleven Tigers, Balti Drambliai, 2007
Eleven Tigers, Balti Drambliai, 2007


We arranged a few parties but it was hard to find places to make serious bass and good quality events. Gradually more people started to get involved and we progressed to bigger venues. We had a good parties in Havana Social Club and Woo before the crisis hit.


Mark Splinter played the first ever DJ set of 100% Lithuanian music, supporting Loefah at Satta Outside, and it was 100% dubstep. We brought Mary Anne Hobbs to Lithuania for "one of the most amazing nights of 2009" and Eleven Tigers came with Jeff Metal to play our 2nd birthday.


Soon after that, we took a break, we closed dubstep.lt and started experimenting with other sounds and collaborations, labels Lowvibe, Exide Code and Stableface, party series Basscake with Intakz, and Nightjar's sessions with Vaiper.
Intakz and Mark Splinter in Basscake
Robertas Narkus
Intakz and Mark Splinter in Basscake


But we never lost love for deep bass and heavy drums. In 2011 we brought Caspa, and he went straight on Twitter after his show to say: "Vilnius has the best sound system outside the UK. I'm so serious! That was fucking nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".
Caspa's front row, 2011
Caspa's front row, 2011
On November 26th we celebrated our 4th birthday at Loftas in Vilnius, breaking all attendance records for the venue, playing for more than 1200 people with the biggest sound system in our history, totalling 58KW with a stack of subs 4m high.
Loftas, Vilinus, Lithuania, 2011
Photography Vataitas
Loftas, Vilinus, Lithuania, 2011


In 2012 Mark Splinter took Nightjar, Vaiper and Fingalick to Outlook Festival to smash up the Soundboys boat party.


We made a VIP party back in the Balti Drambliai, for all the oldskool crew, and to show kids what dubstep actually is :)


Time for our 6th Birthday with Nightjar, Mark Splinter, Ske, Pigis and Gnista.
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